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"Learning with Sharon is like dancing with another beloved in Rumi's field.  Her ability to deliver information that is esoteric is beyond excellent.  She makes it fun, interesting, personal, universal and multi-dimensional and helpful.. Sharon is joy embodied and authenticity expressed as wisdom.  If you ever get an opportunity, so yourself a favor and study with Sharon."- Keith - Spiritual Counselor, Sound Healer and Aquatic Therapist

"My Great Awakening was through a power modality called ThetaHealing.  My soul started illuminating as the demons from Afghanistan, childhood struggles and other traumas were released from my body.  I am no longer numb.  My vision became clearer and my confidence was restored ever since ThetaHealing became apart of my daily life.  Sharon Plaché is my role model and a true Co-Creator of All That Is.  I am Blessed & Grateful to be healed with ThetaHealing.  I shall too, give it forward."Samantha "Spike" - USN Combat Vet, RET

"This has been an amazing training.  I feel so blessed to have been in the presence of such remarkable individuals, instructors and learning process.  This training has provided me with a tool for understanding and addressing problems at a whole new level.  I will be back for more classes as well."Megan - Retired Army Veteran and Social Worker

"Sharon is an exquisite teacher of ThetaHealing; that has illuminated a whole system of healing for optimal living. She is fully aligned with the teachings of ThetaHealing and her willingness to share is beautiful." - Sonia - Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist - Chopra Center.

"The healing and downloads I received were such a gift for my peace. Sharon has an incredible gift as a teacher and a guide." - Monique, Internationally Acclaimed Photographer.

"I am so grateful to Sharon, she is truly a divine, loving, authentic, warm, clear pure teacher - that embodies this powerful knowledge." 
Amanda, International Feng Shui Founder, Teacher & Practitioner.

"Sharon has a remarkable talent of lovingly bringing a group together for cohesive experience while showing us the beautiful path of ThetaHealing."Christine - Student at UCLA

"This is the third class with Sharon.  I have grown and evolved from each class.  Sharon is an excellent teacher, gives visual examples, explains things thoroughly and intuitively knows what each person is needing.  She keeps class focused, exciting and wanting more.  You leave with great materials to continue your growth and education."Robin - Special Education Teacher

"ThetaHealing is a break through approach to healing that goes directly to the Source - God for transformation.  Sharon explained with clarity and passion - that kept me engaged at all times." - Edwardo, Artist and Retired Veteran

"This is my third class with Sharon.  She explains things thoroughly, gives visual examples and knows intuitively what each person needs.  She keeps the class focused, exciting and having you want more.  You leave with great materials to continue your growth and education.  I personally have grown and evolved from each class." Nicki, Real Estate Professional